Working Method

We observe on Social Networks what everybody observes.

But we are able to see what others do not.

Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis is a scientific method of analysis used in different fields such as Biology, Electronics or Sociology, and it has as its goal the formalisation of the exchanges and relations that take place in every activity. In Network Outsight we apply it to the virtual networks such as TwitterFacebookInstagram or Youtube (among others), in order to generate knowledge and intelligence that may be applicable to your company’s development and management in the digital world.

Year after year the number of hours that each of us invests in our virtual social relations increases. We use social networks to talk about our interests, to complain, to commentate on football or TV programmes, to get informed and to improve in our jobs… For all these reasons, Virtual Social Network Analysis is a more and more interesting and necessary tool in order to get to know our current and future clients.

The mathematic formalisation of a Twitter conversation, or of any other social network, is an operation that allows us to identify leadership forms and debate communities in the network.


Not all leaders are the same

What makes someone powerful on a social network? An opinion leader or influencer is someone capable of prescribing, because his/her messages have a considerable number of replies, likes, retweets or shares on a social network.>

The actions to be implemented will be oriented to improving your company’s image; in order to make influencers talk positively about your company, so that his/her numerous followers also do so and request your products and services.
However, a broker is someone who, despite having less impact than an influencer, is able to spread prescriptions beyond the influencer’s reach. It is essential to detect them in every digital strategy.

Knowing the brokers in every market and keeping a good relation with them makes it easier for your company’s messages to reach potential purschasers.

Community Analysis

People tend to associate—offline and online—with those people who we like, make us feel good and resemble us. In addition to detecting leaderships and roles in communicative structures, Social Network Analysis allows us to detect communities: groups of people and institutions that share interests, ideas and goals.

In every digital conversation, the natural tendency is towards isolation. Via Community Detection Algorithms implemented by Network Outsight, we are able to discover the reasons why individuals get connected to each other, and this way, we can talk about current and future clients from a more emotional and closer perspective.


Semantic Analysis

In order to complement the previous analysis, in Network Outsight we apply a series of analysis with semantic base oriented to determining the subject and the sentiment of a conversation in order to better know the concerning community.


Thematic Analysis

Collecting the present words in a conversation is a good way to approach its characteristics. This way we get to know waht the burning words or issues in a discussion are; we can even compare them to observations from previous periods to understand the evolution of the same debate.

Sentiment Analysis

Another strategy for the qualitative appoach on a debate is to measure the sentiment—positive or negative—that a particular term or concept generates, or, simply, in order to know a community’s general mood.

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